The hardest part of EVS in my opinion is the people. The people around you can vary in personality and relation (your flatmates, boss, people you work with, or friends) and because of that sometimes is impossible to avoid people that are hard to deal with. I am very lucky and the people around me and myself really seem to get along, but I’ve met people in hard situations and some that I’m really glad I don’t have to see every day.  The mentality of the country can sometimes be a problem too, some things are „just like that“ because its the custom of the place.

The language. Its hard to live your everyday life with a communication handicap, especially when the people you don’t understand love to talk. Its a plus when learning a new language but its really annoying when wanting to buy bread for the first time.

Keeping motivated is also a problem I see with most of the volunteers that are here for a long time. When the job makes you feel like you have an impact any more its really hard to keep doing it with glee.

I guess the climate can be a problem, but apart from the sun I cant really complaint much about Bulgaria.

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