Blossom Trees, sunshine and springcamps

Zdraveyte you all! It has been -almost- two months now since I flew to this completely new country. At first, it really was an undiscovered, weird place to me. But now some things do start to feel like home! I am getting used to the Bulgarian alphabet, food, people and culture. I never imagined myself calling Stara Zagora a temporary home, but I can hear myself saying it, thousands of kilometres from my real home. 20170321_132540

The term ‘time flies’ is really an understatement here, as I am almost getting on with the second half of my project. I will be flying home somewhere in June and so far, I have learnt so much already, while there’s still endless things to learn for me. With the snowy winter days, cold temperatures, ice and even the On- arrival training being in the past now, I can really feel Spring coming upon us every day more.

The days where you hear people laughing and music playing on every corner of the street, where there’s nothing but sunshine, blue skies and rising temperatures are coming. The kids we work with feel it too. As soon as you get off the bus in Dalboki you can hear them laughing and jumping with joy in the warm sun outside. When we are on our way to one of our new activities -helping the orphan kids at their homes with all kinds of classes- it is the same. Most of them are playing and doing sports in the sunset, when it’s still warm and the birds are not yet tired of singing all day. 20170325_152759

Along with going to the Maths School since last week, the activity at the orphanage has also become one of my favorites. You can sense there’s plenty of things to learn for them but it is a rewarding feeling that I can contribute a little to that every week again. In about two weeks, there is a big activity coming our way: the city Spring camp, where dozens of kids will jump out of their beds in the early morning, all excited for 5 days of big fun, sports and games. I really am looking forward to organizing and practicing all the different sorts of activities. And after that, the S20170315_152555ummer(camps!) will be coming for us. Trees in large numbers are turning to a bright green with sometimes delicious smelling flowers and blossoms, which I really love. Stara Zagora is becoming a very nice and green city, with more people coming to it and youngsters playing on the street everywhere.

As you can see, I am enjoying my time here. There’s lots of fun activities coming and I am excited to set all my ideas and plans to life!

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