Many happy memories

‘We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, magic and dreams. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.’



These are some words I came across today. It’s true: every end is a new beginning of something else. And in 1,5 week, my adventure in Bulgaria is also coming to an end. I can tell you all the clichès of something like this, but I swear, they’re true. I’ve learned a big lot about this completely new country, myself, volunteering, working with (Roma, high and primary school and orphaned) kids, and the Bulgarian people. I enjoyed many things and I am sure I will take a lot of good and interesting memories home. I will leave a small piece of me here in Bulgaria while I fly back to the Netherlands to start my next adventure, which will take place between the Atlantic ocean and palmtrees in France this summer. I will be working as an animatrice for two months. But I’ll spare you the whole story ;-), I decided that for this blog, I’d make a part n°2 for the weird, funny and lovely things of this country. In addition to my last list, here are some more points.


1. Production designers with a funny mind

The standard bathroom in this very country contains a shower, just mauled to the wall, without a shower curtain. I think you feel where this is going now: everything gets wet. The toilet, the floor, your feet after you’re in your pajamas for 2 hours already. It’s funny for me to see! So production designers have thought of something smart: shower curtains. But every single curtain I came across until today is ever reaching the floor; so everything still gets awfully wet. Welcome to Bulgarian bathrooms, gotta love water! 🙂

2. Lovers of the light

Now that we’re talking about curtains, I’ll state something you will probably all know about. Curtains around the house, making sure nobody outside can see you at night when the lights are on and protecting you from the harsh sunlight in the early morning. Well, guess what: the curtains don’t function. It doesn’t work! That’s because they’re all so light and thin, it won’t help you. Hotels, homes, everywhere. I guess the Bulgarians really love the light!

3. Work, work, work

I love all the little jobs they have here, that just don’t excist (anymore) in the Netherlands, or other Western countries. For example the ‘city-bus ladies,’ women- and just rarely, men- who hand out the bus cards in exchange for money. In my country you have a card, on which you load money. Then, all you have to do is swipe it in front of the scanning machine at bus and train stations, and you’re ready to go. Also, the job of the man at the trainstation who holds up the green/red sign had my parents saying: ‘That happened when I was your age!’, made me laugh. I love how old-fashioned it is, kinda romantic.

4. Gimme a break!

Most people here seem more interested in the sun outside than their work, which I totally understand! We can mostly see hairdressers, builders, nurses and road workers sitting, smoking cigarettes and just: having a break. It’s funny because we hardly ever see them actually work! Like most people in the world, going to your job every day isn’t the most enjoyable you can think of. I would say these break-takers are in the right, but one little advice for you all about this: don’t try this at home! 😉

5. Your shoes, buddy!

This as well is a fun one. It’s a custom here and considered normal, to always take your shoes off when entering someone’s house. Whether it’s your teacher’s, best friend’s or even parents’s house, take off your shoes please buddy! In the hallway you can always find slippers to put on. This way, the floor stays nice and clean, and I think it’s a sign of respect to the people cleaning the house. I like this cute tradition!


This is probably the last blog I will be making here, as I will fly home to the Netherlands in a very short period of time. I enjoyed making these a lot and I enjoyed my time in Bulgaria just as much. Take care you all, and thanks for reading my blogs if you did! 😀


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