Stop and Stare, discover Bulgaria

The hypnotic sound of click clack, click, clack made by the steel wheels rolling over the railroad.train It is weekend and I am on my way to discover new places, to discover Bulgaria. The train slowly drives past villages, where men still ride on horse and carriage, and past mountains and rocks still rough and untouched. I open the window, rightnow everything is covered in yellow flowers. The low hills roll away like the waves of a golden ocean, as I stand there. As far as the horizon nothing but flowers, sky, sun and heat. At least it is a warm day for me, because most bulgarians crawl further into their jacket as I pass by and they look at my dress as if I’m crazy.

Black Sea


This is one of the things I love about EVS, being free to travel and discover new things (and the temperature of this moment, 25 degrees) If the train goes on, I think about everything I’ve already experienced in the past four months. And it is a lot! I met so many great people, I have learned so much and I have visited so many

Veliko Tarnovoawesome places. I have seen the black sea for the first time in my life. I have hiked in the mountains and  visited ancient Thracian places and I have felt the mystical atmosphere there. I have also fallen in love with some Bulgarian cities, like Plovdiv and Veliko Târnovo. Furthermore I love to go to places where I can see something of the communism or  Eastern Orthodoxy.

 abandoned building

And an other thing where I go crazy for, are all the gorgeous abandoned buildings in Bulgaria. In short, I love to travel in this country, and I’m glad that I have two months more to discover!

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